End to End Data Integrity

  • 256-bit Checksum for every block to protect against:
    • Silent Data Corruption
    • Bit Rot
    • Device Driver Errors
    • Accidental Overwrites
End to End Data Management

Superior Performance

  • Auto-Tiered Hybrid or All-Flash Storage
  • Intuitive Drive Rebuilds
  • Intelligent RAID Technology

Limitless Scalability

  • Dynamic Data Expansion
  • Scales to 100’s of PBs
  • Selective Scalability

About Us

SANS Technology Inc. delivers innovative, cutting-edge data storage solutions helping enterprises simplify and manage their Data Storage Supply Chain. Each SANS Technology appliance is composed of the hardware, the SANS Technology software, and specialized applications to serve your purpose. Our specialized appliance model enables enhanced security, optimized configuration and puts solutions to work faster for your business. Using standardized hardware allows SANS Technology to rapidly deliver the latest and greatest hardware technologies without compromising quality or functionality. SANS Technology designs and builds simple storage solutions for complex business problems. Our mission is to meet your storage needs with simple, easy-to-manage, and flexible solutions to accommodate the ever-changing demands of today’s enterprise.

Our Clients