About Us

Our Mission

gravatarMarginSANS Technology is dedicated to challenging the enterprise storage status quo by delivering transformative solutions to recalibrate the enterprise perception of data storage. Founded in 2013, SANS Technology delivers innovative, cutting-edge data storage solutions helping enterprises simplify and manage their Data Storage Supply Chain. SANS Technology is unique among data storage companies by providing solutions to address data protection for the entire Data Storage Supply Chain. From creation to archiving, we cover it all.

With over 30 years of experience in the data storage industry, SANS Technology delivers superior quality products and solutions with a singular focus: Helping our customers manage their data better. Whether our customers needs BYOD solutions, Hybrid Backup and Recovery solutions or High-Performance Storage, we have the right product to fit their needs.

SANS Technology leads the industry in delivering Software-Defined storage solutions. Each SANS Technology appliance is composed of the hardware, the SANS Technology software, and specialized applications to serve your purpose. Our specialized appliance model enables enhanced security, optimized configuration and puts solutions to work faster for your business. Using standardized hardware allows SANS Technology to rapidly deliver the latest and greatest hardware technologies without compromising quality or functionality.

SANS Technology designs and builds simple storage solutions for complex business problems. Our mission is to meet your storage needs with simple, easy-to-manage, and flexible solutions to accommodate the ever-changing demands of today’s enterprise.

SANS Technology leverages over 30 years of experience to bring secure, innovative products to market with the singular goal of simplifying your enterprise data management. We focus our engineering and support efforts on bringing you the solutions required to solve your specific problems. Whether you are looking for a BYOD solution, High Performance Backup and DR, or SANS/NAS Unified Storage, we can help.

We offer IT infrastructure enhancements as follows:

  • High Performance Storage – All SSD and Storage Tiering options.
  • Highly Secure Storage – Self-encrypting drives and AES encryption options available.
  • BYOD Solutions – Robust, appliance-based solution to meet even the most demanding BYOD needs.
  • Reduced Management Costs – Spend less time managing your storage.
  • Improved Reliability – DR replication, High-Availability, and Fault Tolerance features built-in.
  • Virtualization-Ready – Native support for many virtual environments.
  • Superior Price/Performance – Lower your $/GB costs while increasing your overall capability and storage performance.