BioPharma Storage Solutions – Syneto

Data Integrity & Security Features

100% Guaranteed Disaster Recovery

End-to-End Data Integrity

Self-Healing Data

Silent Corruption Immunity

Software RAID

Backup & Archiving

Optimal Hardware Configuration
Managed Through Software
Unlimited Scalability With Non-Disruptive Capacity
On-Site Or Off-Site Installation
Design, Installation & Support Service
Up to 40% Less Than Other Data Storage Solutions
And more…

Features & Benefits

About SANS Technology

SANS Technology is a proven leader in Unified Storage for Big Data, Data Protection, and BYOD Solutions. We provide specialized storage solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Our customers trust SANS Technology to help maximize the value of their data by protecting, securing and simplifying it. With SANS Technology, customers can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of Data Storage – keeping more data longer, keeping it secure and compliant, while reducing costs.

Who We Have Helped in the Biopharmaceutical Sector

“The ability to store PBs of data, create global access points, and protect the data off-site were the primary reasons for buying SANS Technology’s storage solutions.”
– Director of IT Operations, Small Bio-Tech firm