SECURE Data Storage Solutions


SCALABLE: Our data storage solutions can sustain unlimited data growth. By withstanding this expansion, we simplify management and conserve costs.

EXTENSIBLE: Our solutions to ever-changing needs within an enterprise- as an enterprise grows, our solutions grow alongside. We also enhance global collaboration by ranging from the cloud to the enterprise.

CONVERGED: Our data storage solutions improve efficiency by enhancing application performance and delivery. With our solutions, enterprise resource usage is optimized.

UNIFIED: We create all-in-one solutions, consolidating multiple services into one appliance. Our storage aids in lowering capital expenditures and are simpler to manage.

REVOLUTIONARY: We differentiate our products and services from the industry status quo. With our combination of products, flexible deployment options, and customer service, we revolutionize the way data storage solutions are utilized within the industry.

EXCELLENCE: We pride ourselves on consistently providing world-class customer service. We offer 1-5 year service plans to our customers along with Perpetual SSD and Hardware Upgrade programs.

FileDrawer Security Features

Since the news was confirmed that EFSS giant, DropBox, was indeed hacked in 2012 with more than 68 million usernames and passwords being stolen, many enterprises are wondering just how secure their file sharing platform is. FileDrawer from SANS Technology is an EFSS private cloud storage solution with several security features that ensure your files are safe no matter where they’re accessed.
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The Syneto CLUSTER Series

The Syneto CLUSTER Series

The Syneto CLUSTER series is a high-performance, high-density data storage solution with zero downtime and true disaster recovery, making it ideal for enterprises where archiving and backup are critical. With up to 1 million IOPS, this all-flash storage is a robust solution for a variety of applications, including video storage, virtualization, VDI, and OLTP databases. Continue reading

Getting To Know FileDrawer


If your company has real-time file sharing and collaboration needs or users who require remote access to files, you may be researching cloud storage solutions. If you keep coming up against roadblocks regarding data security, compliance or storage limitation, you may be leaning toward private cloud storage versus the public cloud. With FileDrawer from SANS Technology, businesses get an on-premise and self-hosted private cloud environment with multi-tenancy and unlimited local storage that helps employees, customers and vendors stay connected and stay productive in real-time.

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Getting To Know Syneto Storage


For mid-market private and public companies, having a reliable enterprise class storage solution is critical to day-to-day business operations, compliance, and future growth. With Syneto from SANS Technology, businesses enjoy end-to-end design, onsite or offsite installation, and support of our high-performance data storage hardware that’s painlessly managed through software. With unlimited scalability and non-disruptive capacity growth, you can choose the series that meets your needs today without worrying about future data storage capacity.

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