Enterprise Private Cloud Appliances

FileDrawer provides enterprises with an innovative solution to a critical problem, enterprise data access from internal and external sources in a secure and compliant manner with a plethora of advanced features. FileDrawer is a highly scalable private cloud storage and synchronization solution with accessibility from desktop and laptop sync clients, a user web portal, and a wide array of mobile devices. For example, an insurance claims adjuster could submit a claim or complete a form using a tablet or smartphone and immediately provide data to a central office for processing. Other examples include remote field technicians using tablets and smartphones for access to critical technical data and company executives accessing corporate data from home or remotely.  All of this is accomplished without sacrificing data security.


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Key Features:

  • Ubiquitous secure access & sync: web, sync, apps, drive across all platforms
  • Secure sharing: share as link, granular controls
  • Easy Integration with existing infrastructure: NTFS, AD, network shares support
  • Data protection: endpoint backup, versioning
  • Powerful administration tools: monitor, role base user privilege, auditing
  • Data leak prevention: remote wipe, block devices

Highly Secure

  • FileDrawer can be made to run under SSL (HTTPS). This ensures all data transmitted is secure
  • HIPAA-compliant audit trail
  • Integrated Anti-Virus protects your files
  • Mobile Device Management and Remote Wipe capabilities
  • Automatic sync features allow you to have your data in more than one place in the event of a disaster


Extensible into the Enterprise

  • Seamless integration with Active Directory and LDAP
  • Outlook integration with the Outlook plugin
  • Works with your current network storage (NAS/SAN)
  • Home directory Integration
  • Fully customizable, language, logos, branding, domain name, and email templates
  • Provide access to current network shares via FileDrawer


  • On-Premise Appliance, VM, or HyperConverged
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Active Directory Support
  • Amazon S3/Cloud Support
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Pricing Model


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