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From recently published articles, product manuals and release notes, to frequently asked questions, the Syneto Knowledge Base was created to be the one-stop shop for any customer question. The Knowledge Base provides in-depth manuals to recent versions of Syneto arrays describing every feature of a Syneto array. The manuals also provide step-by-step directions with images to aid a customer with setting up aspects of their array. With the help of release notes, and FAQ’s a customer can become well-versed in Syneto’s technology and learn how to fix any issue that may arise. 





Release Notes 3.x



Recently Published Articles


Data Storage / Release Notes
Fixed NTP sync without connection to the NTP server will show an error notification Automatic disk mapping for some old hardware Email notifications when new updates are available Timeout when joining an Active Directory with a very large number of users NFS client lost connection when a pool is migrated from one to the other in High availability Missing iSCSI initiators or targets after a pool is migrated from one…
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Data Storage / Release Notes
Improved Pool migration with a large number of folders Destructive confirmation dialogs Fixed Analytics is not disabled on unsupported hardware Snapshots schedule is accessible even without Replication Client license…
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Data Storage / Release Notes
New Spotlight search from File > Open dialogs Spotlight searching by file type Spotlight filtering office file types and categories SMB 2.1 and improved Active Directory integration AFP file services can be discovered automatically by MacOS clients CLI command to control Spotlight indexing Improved Visibility of the storage array’s name and IP Network interfaces configuration page Support for newer Fibre Channel HBAs Fixed Flash cache hits percentage widget always reported…
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