Brings together simple disk and scalability in a unified data pool.
We created the FlexPool technology to ease the pain of managing storage growth. It solves traditional storage problems like difficult scalability, low performance and business interruption caused by downtime for updates/upgrades.

Live expansion

Forget about downtime and performance penalties, pool growth can happen live while the storage is in production.

Unlimited scalability

Increasing the size of any FlexPool will not be a problem. Each pool is theoretically limited to 300 million petabytes.

Hybrid acceleration

FlexPool keeps “hot data” in a fast SSD/NVRAM cache layer. This creates an efficient mix of regular and high perf. disks.

Easy portability

With FlexPool, data pools, including their snapshots and shares, can be easily exported and imported between Syneto storage arrays.

Hardware freedom

We believe you shouldn’t be tied to proprietary hardware controllers that force you to always buy from the same vendor.

Instant upgrades

Upgrade storage array capacity by simply adding JBODS full of disks to existing SAS ports and expanding the FlexPool.


Point-in-time data snapshots for easy backup, replication and recovery.
Don’t be part of the 93% of organizations which file for bankruptcy after losing their data. Exiting storage disaster recovery solutions create slow and expensive backups and replications which are limited in number and lead to increased costs.

Instantaneous & unlimited

InstaSnap technology make your array capable of instantaneous, live, point-in-time “images” of your whole data.


A time/budget saving tech. that allows automatic snapshot scheduling with variable retention policies for folders/virtual disks.

Incremental replication

Achieve true Disaster Recovery with fast incremental snapshot replication between sites with low bandwidth consumption.

Fast recovery

With InstaSnap, rollbacks, cloning, and any other type of point-in-time data recovery operations happen almost instantaneously.

Space efficiency

Snapshots and clones are create instantaneously, with zero space allocation. They take up space only when data changes.

Zero overhead

Snapshots with InstaSnap do not use resources and do not have any impact on the performance of your storage array.


VMware integration for fast and easy virtual machine management.
By 2016, 70% of storage deployments will be private for clouds and virtual servers. Existing arrays don’t fully integrate with VMware, making VM management, deployment and backup a difficult, inconsistent and costly process.

Symmetric snapshots

Unifies backup between storage and hypervisor to automatically create and consolidate snapshots of every VM.

Consistent VMs. Always

VirtualUnity makes memory consistent snapshots of VMware VMs, automatically quiescing them during snapshots.

Fast provisioning

With VirtualUnity, additional datastore space provisioning is done automatically, and expanding a LUN will expand its datastore.

Unified management

For ease of use and time efficiency you can browse and see the status of your virtual datacenter directly from the storage UI.

VxClone tool

This tool allows you to instantly clone and deploy new virtual machines in seconds lowering administration time and costs.

Fast VM recovery

Eliminates the pain of complex recoveries by giving you the ability to quickly restore your VMs in seconds.


Ensures long-term data integrity with smart control instruments.
The job of any storage array boils down to this: when reading a data it should always return the same that was previously written. Traditional solutions can’t detect data corruptions caused by disk firmware bugs, drive errors, controller problems or hardware RAID vulnerabilities.

Software RAID

Expensive hardware RAID controllers belong in the past. Syneto arrays use smart software RAID to ensure high redundancy levels.

Extended warranty

Gain peace of mind with the Syneto StorageCare program. Disks in your storage array carry a 5 years warranty.

End-to-end data integrity

Preserves long-term data consistency with checksums, instead of HDD sector-size modifications or dedicated hardware.

Self-healing data

Like a living creature, your array has the ability to heal data structures by returning corrupted sections to a working state.

Silent-corruption immunity

Your array becomes immune to silent data corruption caused by bit rot, phantom writes, DMA parity errors and driver bugs.


Active-active high-availability cluster for mission critical environments.
When hosting 100s of VMs and GBs of important company data, downtime is not an option. Current storage solutions require downtime for updates/upgrades and waste 50% of available resources by keeping 1 node in passive mode.

Active-active HA

Eliminates the single point of failure by linking multiple Syneto arrays in a high availability cluster where all nodes are active.

Non-disruptive ops.

Eliminates any downtime created by hardware replacements, storage upgrades or software updates.

Node load balancing

Get the most out of your cluster by efficiently balancing the workload between storage nodes to prevent idle resources.

Automatic failover

In the unlikely event of a complete node failure, all storage operations are automatically moved to the functioning node.


Combines storage and compute to create a converged storage array.
We believe in Moore’s law, that’s why we use all of your array’s X86 computing resources to create and host local virtual machines. Traditional models can become a bottleneck as datasets gets bigger and access time gets shorter.

Hyper Convergence

VMs can be hosted directly on the array with the addition of a local hypervisor for better application performance.

Online VM shop

Fast deployment is essential for low TCO so preconfigured VMs like mailservers and AD servers can be deployed from VM shop.

Agile deployment

For flexibility, local VMs can be deployed from many sources: ISO images, cloning of existing VMs or the online shop.

Integrated safety

One click Disaster Recovery of any virtual machine thanks to complete integration with the InstaSnap technology.

Easy management

No 3rd party clients, the VMBox technology allows fast VM console management directly from your browser.


The VXClone tool allows you to instantly clone and deploy new on-appliance local virtual machines, saving space and time.


Data reduction techniques to squeeze more data in the same space.
We believe in a greener, more efficient storage. We squeeze as much data as possible in the same amount of space reducing environmental impact and costs. Existing storage products apply off-line reduction methods, limited to 1 volume/filesystem and using slower algorithms.

In-line Compression

SpaceBoost uses an in-line block-by-block approach which increases IO efficiency and reduces write sizes for better performance.

In-line Deduplication

Performs live scans of incoming data blocks. Duplicate data blocks are automatically removed to save space.

Thin Provisioning

This data reduction method allocates space only when and where it is required, ensuring it is not wasted by over-provisioning.

Longer disk life

This technology greatly increases the lifespan of your disks by applying measures which limit the number of disk writes.

More data less space

With the SpaceBoost technology active, you can squeeze 2x-5x more data in the same amount of space, saving space and money.

Optimized reduction

For additional performance, data reduction algorithms are optimised for the latest generation of Intel E5 Xeon CPU’s.

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