Powerful indexing. Supreme Insight.

The issues plaguing Big Data Indexing are simple- consistently poor results and high costs, coupled with difficult interfaces make clear the need for an effective, powerful and easy to use tool to assist in the analysis of Big Data. Enter SANS Unified Data Management


A data indexing algorithm which sorts, stores, and archives unstructured and structured data in a database. Non disruptive by design, IRUDA can be integrated into almost any configured system.

Intelligent Archiving

An integrated solution,, which utilizes IRUDA's underlying algorithm and method of data structuring, Intelligent Archiving is geared toward toward those with  much larger data management requirements.

Unified Data Managment

The final word when it comes to Big Data analytics, Unified Data Management incorporates elements of IA and IRUDA, but allows for complete data querying from multiple large sources of related unstructured data.

Roams the entire range of structured and unstructured data

Unifies it all into a single, secure, petabyte-scale repository

Integrates easily with Hadoop or operates as a standalone platform

It enables easy and able to do real-time queries

Facilitates insights and optimally informed decision-making

So user-friendly executives can do queries without a lot of special training


Our analytical tools for Big Data are true innovations in the industry. They allow for powerful insight, unmatched by any previous or related competitor, in an interface that is unparalleled in both speed, and ease of use. The future of Big Data is here.

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